WP1099 Now Compatible With 4 New Plugins

WP1099 began with a focus on providing a service for managers of affiliate marketing programs. The service automates how those managers file the 1099-MISC forms at year end for their affiliates who earn $600 or more during the year. While this is a big market, we also realized that there are a large number of…

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Affiliate Marketing Taxes

Affiliate marketing taxes

Affiliate marketing is a great way to increase your sales by letting your loyal customers and other advocates do the selling for you. If you are a business that runs an affiliate program, hopefully, your affiliates are working hard to sell for you. The more money you earn, the more they earn – it’s a…

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Freelance Finance Tips

Freelance finance tips

Whether you have just started out as a freelancer, or you’ve been going solo for years you know that keeping tabs on your finances can be tricky. With demanding clients, there’s little time for bookkeeping, or chasing down unpaid invoices. But if you’re not keeping tabs on your finances as a freelancer, you will end…

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