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Many WordPress plugins make it easy to set up vendor and affiliate programs. Everything runs smoothly until tax time comes. Suddenly, site owners realize they don’t have a way to determine which affiliates or vendors need to be issued a 1099-MISC form.

While you, the site owner, could invest the time yourself or pay your accountant the hours necessary to make the calculations and prepare the forms, let WP1099 do the work for you.

In just a few seconds, WP1099 can generate a report for you that can easily be uploaded to many popular 1099 e-file programs.

No other WordPress plugin on the market provides this convenience. Site owners (or CPA’s) no longer have to manually calculate how much each affiliate and/or vendor has been paid which makes the IRS reporting requirements worry-free. Get started with WP1099 in just three simple steps.

e-File form 1099-MISC in 3 simple steps

1. Download

Download the WP1099 plugin from our site to connect with any of these compatible WordPress plugins.

2. Export

Create a CSV export of your vendor’s total payments during the year. Then, make adjustments to those payments and/or add additional payments that were made offline.

3. File 1099

Send the CSV file to your accountant or use one of many 1099 filing services to submit your 1099-MISC forms to the IRS, individual states, and/or your vendors.

e-File 1099-MISC Forms Integration With Popular WordPress Plugins

WP1099 works with popular WordPress affiliate and marketplace plugins. There’s no need to manually calculate payments for each vendor – we’ll handle that for you!

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WPMUDEV Affiliates
WC Marketplace

WC Vendors
WP Affiliate Manager

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